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Established 1976

We feature and Denon & Marantz electronics
paired with Paradigm speaker systems

A poor match of electronics and speaker creates a 'hard harsh brittle sound'.  Too many audio 'experts' are simply unaware of this fact.  They simply don't take the time to listen.  We always have.  That's why we feature and match Marantz and Denon with Paradigm

The Denon/Marantz/Paradigm match produces a warm, accurate, dynamic sound experience.  It's a sound that engages and draws the listener into their music or film.  Here's the good news. The price of a well matched system doesn't cost any more than the mis-matched systems.

Paradigm home theater and stereo audio speaker systems include floor standing speakers, book shelf sizes, center channel speakers, rear channel speakers, and powered sub woofers. 


Wooden Ship Stereo is Denon CI certified.
Denon & Marantz A/V receivers, BluRay players, and CD players.  We are also certified to install and integrate Denon CI components into your home theater or stereo audio system.

Wooden Ship Stereo adds music to outdoor and indoor fun.
Let us install Paradigm custom in-wall, in-ceiling, outdoor, and garden speaker systems in your home or business.   The Paradigms simply sound better than much of what is offered by many others.

     We have installed Dish Network satellite TV systems since their launch.  Dish is still the best value in satellite programming.

Quality Used Audio Classics

      We offer classic used stereo and surround sound receivers, turntables, tape decks, CD players, and speaker systems.  Drop by to check out some cool treasures.
   Phono Cartridges and Headphones

 Grado is highly regarded among audio  specialists around the globe for its special  product and exceptional value. 

A $89 pair of Grado headphones outperforms $300 dreadful-types.

We have installed
100's of Grado phono cartridges
since 1976 .

         Remote Control Automation
     A customized remote control is a great product if correctly programmed. Allow us to program and deliver your customized Wooden Ship remote control.


The Ship Knows Turntables

 This is a sample of the hundreds of hard to find phono styli (needles) in our stock.

Cable & Interconnects
 The Ship offers high quality reasonably  priced  interconnects and cables.

Wooden Ship Stereo    established 1976     170 Cleveland Ave  Downtown Auburn, CA  95603     (530)  823 - 7525     ray@woodenshipstereo.com